Monday, October 20, 2014

It is Fall, Items on Etsy Part 2

It Is Fall, Items on Etsy Part 2 

Last Week, I introduced a new series, Items On Etsy.

This week I decided to continue the Fall and Halloween theme. I stumbled upon so many wonderful items that it just deserved a second week.

Next week's theme is Birthday. My birthday was yesterday. So in celebrating my 27th birthday, I decided to share some birthday items you can find on etsy, next monday.

Now onto Part 2 of It is Fall!

To Start us off, I decided this Gobble Hand Painted Wood Sign by Step On It Art would be the perfect way to start this post. I absolutely am in love with this sign and her shop is filled with other wonderful signs. I love that each sign is hand painted.

Photo Credit: Step On It Art
This Pumpkin Jack O Lantern Yard Sign by Metal Art Designz would be perfect to put in your yard for Halloween.

Photo Credit: Metal Art Designz
A painting "Let Us Give Thanks" by Melissa A Torres Art is detailed in ways that I could never do. It would look wonderful over a mantle celebrating Thanksgiving.
Photo Credit: Melissa A Torres Art
Cherish Happy Moments Fall Plate by Three Dames Dreamin is another wonderful decoration piece that would I believe complement the painting above.
Photo Credit: Three Dames Dreamin

A breath taking beautiful Handmade Acorns Leaves Fall Necklace by Jewelry Fine and Dandy is a one of a kind statement piece that your fall collection needs. I wish I was more of a jewelry person because this piece I have not enough words to say about it. I love it.
Photo Credit: Jewelry Fine and Dandy
 A Handcrafted Copper Pottery Leaf Pendant by Soulful Stuff is another piece that your wardrobe needs to go with all the browns, oranges, and reds you are wearing this fall. I am so impressed with the talent you can find on etsy.
Photo Credit:Soulful Stuff

Headbands, like I mentions in my last etsy finds post, are something that I love. If I had a little girl she would probably own tons. I have no nieces to spoil with them either. This Chevron Thanksgiving Headband by Huckababy Boutique is beautiful and looks extremely well made.
Photo Credit: Huckababy Boutique

 With fall, comes colder weather, scarfs and sweaters. That is why this gorgeous Speckled Brown Arm Knit Infinity Scarf by Kim L Krafts would be perfect for the fall. It looks so soft and comfy.
Photo Credit: Kim L Krafts
This Autumn Pumpkin Tote Bag by Creativity Unraveled makes me just want to go to the library or apple picking. I love the colors of this tote bag.
Photo Credit: Creativity Unraveled
These Crochet Pumpkin Baby Booties by 2nd Generation Fibers are one of the cutest littlest things I have ever seen.
Photo Credit: 2nd Generation Fibers

To go with those adorable Pumpkin Booties above this just as adorable Pumpkin Crochet Hat by Yarning to Warm You would be a perfect match. Please tell me you love dressing your children up as much as I do?
Photo Credit: Yarning to Warm You

Again, I love Greeting Cards and this Autumn Blessing Card by Sassy Scraps Crafts is no exception. I love the detail on this card.
Photo Credit: Sassy Scraps Crafts

Acorns, scream fall. They are constantly falling and Shaun is always picking them up. He is probably more creative than I am. So these beautiful Acorn Paper Quilled Ornaments by Sweethearts and Crafts remind me so much about fall. They would be perfect to decorate for fall or Thanksgiving..

Photo Credit: Sweethearts and Crafts
I love the colors of fall, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. This wreath has all of those things. It would make the perfect addition to any home this season. This is a Fall Burlap Wreath by Craftytude
Photo Credit: Craftytude
Mini Pumpkin Soaps by Triskele Soaps N Things are adorable. I love that they are shaped like pumpkins and even have a pumpkin fragrance. I love pumpkin everything, and this is the time of the year where it is the most acceptable!
Photo Credit: Triskele Soaps N Things
If soap isn't enough for your pumpkin love, these Potpourri Filled Mini Pumpkin Set by Strings and Strokes would be another fun accent to your home for the fall. You have an option of what scent you would like too! I think they are cute and would just work for decoration purposes.
Photo Credit: Strings and Strokes
Next Monday, I will be showing Birthday Items! If you have a birthday item on etsy that is a non character item, send me a message. I would love to share it on here during Items On Etsy!

Thank you to the wonderful crafters   from this week and last. To see this listing as a treasury click HERE.

Monday, October 13, 2014

It is Fall, Items on Etsy

It is Fall, Items On Etsy

This is a new series that I decided I will do every Monday! I will pick a them and the items will be ones that you can find on etsy! I want support handmade/vintage shop owners. Since I am a member on etsy with my little shop, I wanted to share others.

This week the them is Fall/Pumpkins! I love this time of the year, with the colors changing and the fact that pumpkin everything taste so much better when you are wearing your Marvel Super Hero Sweater!

What is your favorite item for Fall? What is your favorite Pumpkin item?

This toddler infinity scarf with Halloween Hello Kitty, is adorable and perfect addition for your little one this fall.  You can find this scarf over at Robinwixom

Photo Credit: Robinwixom Etsy Shop

 A Halloween Word Shirt by Lacrosse Momz would be adorable for matching mom and daughter shirts. I just love how the words for a pumpkin.
Photo Credit: Lacrosse Momz

  I love hair bands on little girls in every single theme. This Thanksgiving Satin Flower Headband Childrens Candy KS would be perfect to kick start the fall season! Plus it works all season long, just not Thanksgiving.
Photo Credit: Childrens Candy KC

 I love hair bows as much as I love head bands, this adorable little pumpkin hair clip by Just by Jaime would also make a lovely addition.
Photo Credit: Just By Jaime
 Sugar Plum Novelties has some wonderful crochet baby hats. Including this adorable Candy Corn Hat.

Photo Credit: Sugar Plum Novelties

How about a 100% Natural Maple Teething Ring that is made out of Organic Cotton! You even have the option of adding crinkle paper to make it sound like a leaf!
Photo Credit: Shop Pample Mousse
These Halloween Fall Pumpkin Soap by The Soothing Soul would be wonderful addition in your bathroom for hand soap. You can even get them in fall scents such as Pumpkin Cheesecake, Apple Cinnamon, Autumn Woods, and other fun scents.

Photo Credit: The Soothing Soul

Chakra Balancing Spray by Crystal Sensation, has a  nice fall scent to it and designed to help keep us healthy during the fall!
Photo Credit: Crystal Sensation Etsy Shop

 This Fall Instant Download by Wit and Wander describes all of the many reasons why I love fall. It would be a nice addition of a mantle.

Photo Credit: Wit and Wander

 Two Ladies and a Bunny have this beautiful Hand Carved Candle Goldenrod. It is seriously stunning and comes with LED lights.

Photo Credit: Two Ladies and a Bunny Etsy Shop
 Fall isn't complete without a wreath on your front door letting your neighborhood know it is fall. This Burlap Fall Wreath by Sweet Pea Tutus by Jess is complete with the colors and the scarecrows. The letter in the middle is a nice touch with the fall leaves.

Photo Credit: Sweet Pea Tutus by Jess

This stunning Aloe Frankincense and Myrrh Benzoin Brass Flower Pendant by A Witches Garden
screams the color of fall. It would be perfect for an addition to your jewelery.
Photo Credit: A Witches Garden

Another great fall accessory to add would be these Maple Leaf Earrings by Charming Ladybug. I love the wood charm.
Photo Credit: Charming Ladybug
These gorgeous hand beaded  Fall Pumpkin Earrings by Jeana Wells would be perfect to wear out on a date! There is truly not enough words to describe how wonderful these earrings are.
Photo Credit: Jeana Wells

I don't know about you but I love sending cards, especially to my brother who is serving in the Army. I would send him a Thanksgiving card this year, but he will actually be home for the month of November before he leaves for South Korea. If he wasn't going to be home, I would send him this lovely Thanksgiving Greeting Card by Designs by CNC.
Photo Credit: Designs by CNC
Having some sort of fall party or need something for your scrapbook, craft projects these tiny Maple Leaf Confetti by Dang Bat Industries would be perfect! I love the colors of them.
Photo Credit: Dang Bat Industries
If you would like to see these items in one place on etsy, click here to see it as a treasury.

Stay tune next week for It is Fall, Pt 2

Friday, October 10, 2014

DIY Kids Letter Canvas Painting

DIY Kids Letter Canvas Painting

**This post contains affiliate  links

I recently had surgery on my back, so Shaun has been watching WAY to much tv. More tv than he is used to or even allowed in this house. My back has been killing me lately, so I was thinking of ideas that we could do, that didn't involved watching tv. (I hate TV)

That is when I remembered a post I seen a while ago about painting and creating a letter or a word. I remember seeing this LOVE canvas on pinterest while looking for Valentines stuff, so I went to my favorites and found THIS post from Discount Queen. Pretty much the same idea, just with a letter instead of a word.

Here is what you need:

Masking Tape
Paint ,we used glitter paint
Foam Paint Brushes
Art Canvas , ours is 8x10


Depending on your letter ripe up the masking tape. For Straight line letters like, A, E, I,V, Z, Etc make straight strips the size you would like.

For curvy letters like C,S, O,Q, etc I cut small pieces

Place your tape on the canvas to form a letter
It doesn't need to be perfect, it was some trial and error to get the S, it sill isn't what I pictured in my mind.

Then let your child get busy painting, making sure to cover as much of the canvas as they can.
Sorry about the ghost hand, he was moving when I took a quick snapshot. Or the chocolate face, he just got done eating some ice cream!

Let the paint dry. I am so happy we used glitter paint, something about it made it seem so much  more fun!

Once the paint dry remove the masking tape from the canvas to show your letter.

Then hang it up in a desired place. We hanged it up in the office.

This would also make for a perfect Christmas gift for the grandparents this Holiday Season! Shaun had so much fun, that we even made one for his pen pal! I can't wait till she gets it and he can't wait either.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

I'm Back

Gosh, Where do I even begin. My last post was in May, yikes!

I have been so busy with summer and hanging out with Shaun before he started school as a full time student. That is right, he started Kindergarten this year. It was a very emotional experience for both of us. It is still hard, he isn't a fan of school. He claims he is so bored and he gets done with his work before the other kids. I can't really say I am surprised, he is reading at a second grade level and can add and subtract in the 1-10 area and slowly building strength in the higher numbers. Seriously, I know that sounds braggy and I am probably bragging a little but I got so blessed with how much he loves to learn and how he soaks it up.

I also, was preparing for our trip to Disney World the first week of September

Shaun wanted to dress up as Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear, and Prince Charming. I needed up just purchasing a prince charming shirt off of etsy from Kim's Boutique.

The Peter Pan shirt was super easy, I will make a quick post about that later this week. Especially since Halloween is coming up!

We even met Tinker Bell and Peter Pan. They were wonderful and some of the best character interactions that we had. It might have been that Shaun was beyond excited. This was one of the best trips I have ever taken (only my second time being there, but still). We can't wait to go back.

Buzz was another easy one, since I just used fabric paint and painted him shirt! It was so much fun to make these and he had so much fun dressing up as his favorite characters.

Another wonderful project I started over the summer was, that I reopened my etsy shop! It has a new name to fit more of my personality, Burke's Books and Bows. It even has items that I LOVE and want to sell, not what I know I can make! Which makes it easier for me to talk about my items that I am selling. Which, I plan on doing later this week too!

Did you have an exciting summer?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Co Ed Supply May Review

Co Ed Supply May Review

**I purhcased this box, all opinions in this post are my own. This post contains referral links.

About: A monthly subscription box geared towards college students. Each box contains supplies that will help you get through college.

Cost: $20 for classic, $35 for deluxe

Shipping: Ships only to United States


This is the last Co Ed Supply box that I will be reviewing for a while. They are not sending out boxes over the summer and hoping to pick back up in the fall!

Mustache Magnets $4: These are so much fun. Shaun loves putting them on his art when he hangs them on the fridge. We even hanged his school picture on the fridge and put a mustache magnet under his nose. He loves looking at it and changing them around.

Peak Energy $5:  These help keep your breath and your mind refresh. These mints have caffeine and D-Ribose as ingredients to have long and fast acting affect. I haven't tried these since I try to stay away from caffeine except in my morning coffee. It makes me jittery.

Hornie Corn Popcorn $1.16: This popcorn has a spicy flavor. We haven't tried it yet, but I can't wait. We love popcorn and spicy flavors so it sounds like a perfect combo!

Pretzel Crisp $1.50: I have received these in other subscription boxes. I do not like them, but Shaun likes to have spreadable cheese on them. So they were perfect for an after school snack for him.

Notatoes $1.50: These are tortilla chips made from cassava. They were really good dipped in some Newman's Salsa!

The Daily Crave Veggie Sticks $1.29: We received this same bag last month in our co ed supply box. Shaun really liked them. I like only the white ones. The orange and green ones are not really for me.

Wash With Joe $5: This body wash smells really good. I had no clue that coffee & mint could make a wonderful scent when combined!

Not Pictured!

Postagram 5 Free $0.99 per gram: This is so fun! I am going to save this for our Disney trip this fall. Since I could not find an expiration ate!

The value of this box is $24.50. Cost of the box is $20. I am not crazy about how many snacks were in this box but overall, I liked most of the products in it or Shaun did too!

If you are interested in learning more about Co Ed Supply for when they restart shipping out boxes, Click HERE

To see past reviews, click HERE